Capsule Wardrobe Update – Combatting Boredom

It’s been a couple months of slogging it out in my minimal capsule wardrobe... and I got bored. Part of me knew this would happen even though I hoped it wouldn’t. I guess I had it coming - even committed capsule wardrobe owners switch it up every season. Unfortunately, wardrobe boredom comes with the urge … Continue reading Capsule Wardrobe Update – Combatting Boredom


Overall, Life is Good

I've never kept it secret (honestly, why would you?), I love overalls. There's something about them that makes me feel like a child or like I'm about to paint a house, both of which are great. They're comfortable, relaxed and just so cool - I'm all about the overall life. Some of my all time … Continue reading Overall, Life is Good

Bunn Wines

I like wine. I consider myself not so much a connoisseur but an appreciative palette. Having traveled fairly extensively through the Great Southern region of WA on various wine expeditions (other people might call them 'tours' but my family likes to get a little more involved, usually because someone knows the owner or winemaker, but … Continue reading Bunn Wines